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There is an excellent post on Everything2 about the Uberman sleep schedule (warning – strong language). While this schedule is not significantly different from the other alternative sleep schedules we’ve posted about in the past, this post is well worth reading as it includes an in-depth first-hand account from someone who actually followed the schedule for an extended period of time. Some excerpts:

“You’ll be sleeping for twenty minutes at a time, every four hours, round the clock. When I did it, I took a nap at 8, 4, 12, then 4, 8, and 12 again. This totals a mere two hours of sleep in a twenty-four hour period. As a forewarning, yes, it sucks a– to get used to, but after about two weeks you’ll never wanna give it up.”
“I was much less tired after two or three weeks of this than I have ever been, before or since. For one thing, you’re going to bed every four hours, so every time you turn around it’s time to go to sleep.”

“Day one and two, you just feel like you haven’t slept, and those naps aren’t doing you any good because you just toss around for twenty minutes, or, usually on day two, you drop off and then want to kill yourself when the alarm goes off 20 minutes later.”

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