The 7 Craziest Places People Have Tried to Sleep

When it comes to snoozing, you would be surprised at the places people have tried to, albeit sometimes successfully, sleep. When you think of sleeping you envision lying in bed, napping on the couch or maybe even as adventurous as falling asleep at your desk back in school. However, for some, when the sleep-bug comes calling anything becomes a makeshift bed. Here are 7 of the craziest places people have tried to sleep:

#7 – Baby’s Bed
We all know sleep is a thing of the past when the baby is born. Parents have been known to climb in the crib with baby in order to comfort their baby. Wouldn’t you think it’s easier to pull the baby in bed with you? This practice begs the questions; Is it to keep the baby in their own sleeping environment or were they just too worn out to walk back to their bed?

Hobos, bums and vagrants aren’t the only ones that take advantage of benches instead of beds. There’s something to be said for lying in the fresh sunshine and warm rays of the sun, even if the bench is a little hard. However, sleepers beware, this could very well be you if you are a restless sleeper.

Subways and Railways
Who hasn’t felt the urge to catch up on missed sleep while traveling? You can rest assured that if you fall asleep in public places like subways and railways you are likely to become a subject of many photos. Smile for the camera!

Doctors’ Offices
We spend so much of our time running here and there with late nights and early mornings that the second we stop moving and have to sit waiting we doze off. Doctors are quite used to seeing their patients asleep when the arrive to the room for your appointment. Ever wonder if the doctor came in already and was embarrassed when you didn’t wake up the first time so he left and tried it again?

You know that “too tired…must sleep NOW” urge that hits you at work. Some of us just take it to a whole new level. Hopefully, you have a safer place in mind than a muddy tire of a truck. At least this guy is all tucked in!

Envision warm clothes, the fresh scent of fresh laundry and nothing but time to kill while waiting for your loads to finish. If the vision didn’t put you to sleep it’s probably because you’re busy on your phone fighting sleep. Many of us snooze at the Laundromat every day, just usually not crashed out on the floor like this guy. Hopefully that floor was cleaned recently!

#1 Toilets
Nothing begs for a photo more than someone fast asleep on the toilet. This position with your pants to your ankles, bent over in prone position, drooling on the hamper is sure to make you the “butt” of every joke! Remember, Facebook allows you to delete posts (thankfully)!

We are a goofy breed for sure. If our waking moments don’t prove that, then our sleeping habits surely will. It goes to show that people will do almost anything to catch a few zzz’s when the urge hits!

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15 thoughts on “The 7 Craziest Places People Have Tried to Sleep”

  1. Great post! Too funny. I guess it shows how tired people can be from lack of sleep – they’ll sleep anywhere. Craziest place I’ve ever seen someone sleep is an amusement park.

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  3. I work 3rd shift at a local hospital and some of my colleagues have been so tired that on their lunch breaks they would go into the bathroom and sleep on the floor. I mentioned to them that, that is the grossest thing on the planet. They tell me they put their lab coat on the floor and sleep on that for 30 minutes. its still gross but whatever they choose I guess..
    I would just choose to sleep in my car, but I think others may be tempted to turn it on and go home.

  4. Haha love this!

    Right I’m going to join in. The craziest place I’ve gone to sleep is in someones shed. True Story. I cannot go into detail though, let’s just say I was doing something before hand that I should’t have been.

    And no there was no comfy mattress or even blankets. It was not comfy or not pleasant at all. Not something I would recommend. Guess it’s better than on the job though and waking up to no job, poor fellas.

    This was definitely something different though keep it up

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