A Dream within a Dream

Inception (2010) is a Sci-Fi / Thriller written and directed by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight). The movie illustrates the life of a thief who specializes in corporate espionage (played by Leonard DiCaprio). With the help of high tech technology he steals secrets from deep within a person’s subconscious, while the victim is asleep and dreaming. But he is yet to complete his most difficult task, to perform the act of inception (planting an idea in the dreamer’s head). The movie captivates the audience with it’s fascinating plot and makes us wonder about the unexplained concepts of dreams. Is our mind really capable of creating multiple levels of dreams? Well, I think so. I can recall dreaming about waking up and getting dressed and going to work; the dream felt very real and my mind was convinced that I was at work when in fact I was sound asleep in my bed. Only after I woke up I realized I was dreaming.

In the movie, the way to wake up the dreamer is to either kill them or inflict the so called “kick” ( a fall into a bathtub or over a bridge etc.). What is interesting is that the concept of a “kick” holds true in real life. If you ever dreamed about falling out a plane or off the top of a building, chances are you never hit the ground because you woke up before that happened.

So what are your thoughts about the movie? Or have you ever experienced a dream within a dream? Leave us a comment.

by Agnieszka

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