The Secret to Summer Sleep? Get a Hammock…

Scientists are suggesting that to make the most of your afternoon siesta you should lie down in a hammock. A team of researchers at the University of Geneva found that the swinging motion “exerts a synchronizing action in the brain that reinforces endogenous sleep rhythms.”

 They conducted a study on twelve healthy male volunteers, ages 22-38, who were all good sleepers, non-habitual nappers with no excessive daytime sleepiness and low anxiety levels. The man were asked to nap on a bed that was either stationary or rock gently. Gentle swinging meant that the study participants fell asleep faster, they spent more time in the deep sleep phase and over all got a better quality sleep.

Researchers are not sure exactly why the swaying from side to side has an effect on sleep but they suspect that the motion helps to relax, but it is also possible that it directly affects the brain sensors responsible for sleep and other functions such as memory. Scientist from Geneva believe that their discovery may help to develop new treatment for insomnia and rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury.

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