See How Sleep Can Affect Your Food Choices.

A new study shows that how you sleep can affect how you eat. People who have trouble sleeping tend to choose more unhealthy and fatty foods than their well rested counterparts.

According to the study published in MyHealthNewsDaily article ‘’ Why we go for doughnuts when we’re sleep-deprived’’, participants looked at pictures of food while their brains were being scanned by the researchers. Those who were sleep –deprived lit up their ‘’reward center’’ more when they saw unhealthy foods. While the ‘’reward center ‘’ lit up for healthy foods more often in people who have been getting a good night sleep.

We know from previous studies that catching up on sleep can help burn more calories. Now we learn that sleep is also responsible for our eating behavior.

So a proper sleep plays an important role in a healthy diet, and a healthier diet has a positive impact on how well we sleep.

So next time you choose to go for the French fries instead of a salad, ask yourself how well did I sleep last night?

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