Sleep Problems: A Quick Fix Guide (Guest Post)

Do you find yourself groggy and irritable upon waking up in the morning? Then you are probably not getting enough rest. A majority of adults greatly underestimate the importance of getting a full eight hours sleep. With work pressures and the myriad distractions of internet and entertainment gadgets, settling down into bed for actual sleep is being pushed later and later.

And then, there are also some people who find themselves too wound-up to shut their brains off, ending up lying awake hour after hour. Unless your sleep problems are caused by a medical condition, you could improve the quality of your rest by including minor changes in your night time routine. Read below for some quick fixes for common sleep problems.

  • Be more active during the day. Leading a sedentary life does not allow you to feel physically tired enough to go to sleep at night. Exercise seems to improve not only sleep, but also mood and energy levels. If you are too busy to go to the gym, a simple walk around the parking lot or using the stairs will do just fine. Pack some athletic shoes along and get moving after your day’s work.
  • Get up earlier. Sleeping until noon messes up with your body’s circadian rhythm. If you observe that you tend to get sleepy only after midnight, then chances are, you are now getting up early enough. Even if you don’t have to be anywhere at nine o’clock, get into the habit of waking up at eight am at the latest. You will find your days becoming more productive too.
  • Impose a caffeine moratorium after three pm. If you need to be asleep by ten or eleven am, then you should consume your last frappe no later than 3pm. That way, your body will have more than enough time to clear the caffeine from your system by night time.
  • Make your bedroom conducive for rest and relaxation. A room that is too noisy, too messy, or too chaotic does not exactly invite slumber. Take out everything not necessary for sleeping, such as the TV. Install some mood lighting (like an inexpensive low-wattage lamp) and pipe in some soothing music. Aromatherapy can also work wonders: lavender and chamomile essential oils are said to promote better sleep.
  • Invest in a good comfy bed and pillows. If your living room couch is a lot more comfortable and inviting than your bed, then you shouldn’t be surprised if you find yourself staying more in the couch. A bed is an essential piece of furniture, and you really should get the best that you can afford. Get a mattress that provides adequate support for your neck and back when lying in various positions. Also, you will really find it worthwhile to splurge on good, fluffy pillows and a set of luxurious bed linens with a high thread count. Make your bed as inviting as possible, and you will soon find yourself actually looking forward to catching forty winks.

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