Snoozester News – Corporate Wake Up Calls and Other Services for Businesses

We recently launched Snoozester Business Solutions, a suite of business-oriented services based on the Snoozester Engine. The Snoozester Engine, the same platform we use to deliver Snoozester wake up calls, can now be used to create custom notification and reminder calls. Businesses can use Snoozester to automate processes such as reminding customers about scheduled appointments, notifying customers of an upcoming sale or announcing the launch of a new product.

In addition to notification and reminder calls, we are pleased to announce that we have also begun offering a corporate wake up call service. The new service allows businesses to subscribe to a Corporate Snoozester Account, and then offer a wake up call service to employees as a benefit. Participating employees enjoy all the benefits of a corporate account, but they still choose the phone numbers and call times for each of their Snoozester wake up calls. Learn more by:

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One thought on “Snoozester News – Corporate Wake Up Calls and Other Services for Businesses”

  1. Why would i not use the Alarm Clock feature on my cell phone, which is with me wherever I travel and gets me the local time as soon as I trun the phone on anywhere in this world?

    Why should I pay upto $15 a month just to replace an alarm clock that I carry on my belt?

    A toaster still toasts a slice of bread. Selling toasted bread as a service, just so one can save 5 secs in the morning does not make sense.

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