Sleeping too much is also bad for your health…

By now most of us are all too aware that not getting enough sleep is bad for us, but it seems that sleeping too much may also have negative health effects. According to a study discussed in this article,

The study showed people who slept nine or 10 hours per night had a risk of dying similar to that associated with moderate obesity. Risk of death increased by 15 percent for those who slept eight hours a night, 20 percent for those who get 9 hours of sleep and 35 to 40 percent for those who sleep 10 hours a night.

The article is quick to point out that the study is not unanimously accepted among sleep specialists,

The data can’t be used to establish a cause and effect relationship because there are flaws in the study,” said Dr. Russell Rosenberg, director of the Northside Hospital Sleep Medicine Institute in Atlanta.

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19 thoughts on “Sleeping too much is also bad for your health…”

  1. When I sleep too much I feel really tired, get body pains all over, and STILL feel sleepy… Making me wonder whether all that sleeping was worth it.

  2. i get about 12-13 hours of sleep a night…is that really bad??? about what age would i die if i am 13 right now???

  3. I had been told that I had Seasonal Effective Disorder about 15 years ago. At times I had gone on antidepressents from September until March with no real help. I have talked to many doctors/people about my oversleeping issues in these months and they all say the same thing. Exercise. This is what happens to me – most every night I fight sleep as soon as the sun goes down. It is extreamly difficult to stay awake or do anything. Exercise at this time is out of the question. I have in the past walked/ran on the treadmill for 45 minutes to one hour during these months with no real help. Is there anything that I can do. Diet is not an issue, because I do follow the 1500 calorie plan with 4 small meal per day and 1-2 snacks.
    Please help if you can.

    1. Dear Karen,

      You may be suffering from depression or side effects of nutritional starvation, or both because, unless you are an extremely short sedentary person 1500 calories is way too little. If you blow this off because you are defiantly insisting on being thin or living 20 percent longer you might have depression or an emotional illness. 1500 calories is almost a concentration camp diet. It could easily cause sleep problems, fatigue, mental and emotional illness etc. If you are you are under 25 you need even more calories. I am not saying don’t be disciplined in diet. I am saying overdoing almost anything is harmful.

      This total calorie calculator is helpful.

      Sugar, depression and fatigue and autumn

      Here’s my story and what helped me. I don’t insist it will help you. Try it on if you like. I agree calories should be nutritional. I have found that sugar especially makes me depressed and that fall is the worst time for depression for me and others. I love sweets but they were killing me with depression. So I have to be extra careful to get enough sleep and avoid all sweets with glucose or fructose except freshfruits. And I do pretty good with honey for some reason.. Even too much splenda which is made from sugar can trigger depression in me. Also I love chocolate. I can eat no chocolate from September to March, and very little the rest of the year. Chocolate and sugar are extra bad for me. Ocassionally I can tolerate chocolate sweetened by sugar alcholhols like malitol or sorbital but they can cause gas in in some people. I use beano for that.

      Christmas with all it’s temptations is difficult for me but God has blessed me to be pretty disciplined. If sugar or chocolate or any other food (eliminate suspected foods one at a time for seven days to test adverse effects of different foods on your health mental and physical.) is a problem for you I think your low cal diet prooves you have discipline to deal with that..

      Every body has an optimum weight that you cannot escape and be healthy. If you are geneticall chunky for example your body will do everything it can to be chunky. If you are genetically thin it’s almost impossible not to be on the thin side. Generally people can only increase or decrease 10 or 15 pounds from there genetically determined weight through out their life. Not socially or will power determined weight. If you violate that your body will suffer in all sorts of ways from depression, disease, mental and emotional illness, in women pregnancy be difficult, you name it. Work with your body type and it will usually work with you.

      Please, don’t get bent out of shape if you are thinking, “this person knows nothing about me”. I am not just writing to you only but others in your situation who found their way to this website. The truth will set you free. If anything I say here is untrue then ignore it. But, don’t decieve your self. Look as candidly as you can at your self, your decisions. And get the counsel of trusted friends and family. No person can adequately run there life entirely by theirself. We all need help occasionally. We are often our own worst enemy. If anything fits you here think about it and even pray about it.

      I always start from the assumption. I’ve been wrong before. Hope this helps dadob

  4. uhm… i sleep mostly 13 hours a day on week days and like 16 hours a day on weekends is something wrong with me? It’s not that I’m lazy but i cant bring myself to stay up. I have tried to drink coffee, energy drinks nothing seems to work. I just feel my body getting weaker by the moment so i just sleep right after school.By the way I’m 15 years old, and I’m not obese.

  5. i think what they mean buy die sooner as in ur sleeping ur life away cuzz time flyes in ur sleep so im sure thats thats the hole point

  6. I wouls usually sleep 10 – 14 hours a day if i don’t have to be anywhere early or something, and when I wakeup i still feel tired and jus 10 or 8 hours later i could be back to sleep with no problem, i don’t know why is this. I read somewhere that it depends on the age, well i have 16, does somebody know something about this?

  7. I have anxiety and it used to keep me up at night. I recently started taking celexa for the anxiety and sominex to help me fall and stay asleep all night. it seems to be helping, however, i am sleeping like 11 hrs per night and then after i wake up and have breakfast i fall back to sleep 4 a couple hrs. i feel tired all the time and very unmotivated. Is it the celexa? or maybe the Sominex?

  8. err.. someone help me pleaes. sometimes i sleep less than what im suppose to. then i sleep more than what im suppose to. everytime this both occasions happen. i feel weak. my legs hurt. and my back too. i dont feel hungry anymore. tough ive only eaten breakfast and 2 fruits the whole entire day. if i eat something more than i’ll probably vomit. also, i feel depresed when this happens and found myself with illsuions when im right awake. i cant do anything at school anymore. i dont think right and i cant eat. please someone help me! by the way. if it helps im 13/girl and im chubby. please someone help. :S

    1. Minggui,

      Such a diet and sleep pattern could be indicative of a physical disorder or disease. You’re not getting proper nutrition from what you described you eat. This can damage your cells and lead to all sorts of health problems. I suggest you see a medical professional who can help you before this affects your health even more. You don’t want to ignore your body when it asks for help. You have only one body so take care of it.

  9. One thing I noticed when I get my normal 6 hours of sleep it’s hard to get up. Not because I don’t want to just because the way my body slowly wakes up. I give myself 15-20 minutes before I get out of bed. Just so I don’t fall asleep I quickly turn on my PSP and play an addicting game… GTA!! haha I notice my brain wires back on like a bolt of lighting just struck. For others I would recommend something you enjoy doing to let yourself wake up fully that is interactive. (reading, jigsaw puzzle, magazine, … avoid tv or radio! You can do that once you’re up and going) I’ve heard in the past it’s never good to force yourself out of bed once you wake up. I’m sure it’s some where in a google search. Just like others say on here, listen to your body it has its funny ways of communicating to it’s needs; your needs that is. One way to do it until you find the right formula is by trial & error.

  10. you dont die just for sleeping 10 hours thats a ridiculous theory.i dont buy it i sleep 10 hours per night and am i dead no.

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