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A reader, Chris, was kind enough to bring a related blog to our attention – “About Sleep Disorders

Hopefully those of you who suffer from sleep disorders will find this to be a useful resource. Some recent posts include:

Conquering Restless Legs

Alternative Therapies for Sleep Apnea

Bipolar Disorder and Sleep

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  1. Dear Friends,

    As the expert patient at, I’ve been following your blog and consider you one of the top resources within the online sleep disorders community. Because of your interest in sleep disorders and this community, I am excited to tell you about our latest community project and invite you and your friends to participate.

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    Whether you’re battling sleep disorders or have worked hard to overcome them, dreams are a fantastical component of our lives. Please share yours with MySleepCentral!

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  2. I have a boyfriend, and he goes through days of not sleeping. He says that his mind will not just rest. its like he gets a thought and that leads to another and another and another. He may sleep for 30 minutes and then he is up for 3 hours and it goes on and on. His temper is terrible and I just dont want to be around him. I wish there is something I could do to help but I dont know how. If he does take sleeping pills and they dont work it is tenford bad. What can help. Please help him. Help us.

  3. check out this site if you need to sleep in total darkness for a low tech solution for incoming light – specially for those who travel

  4. Thanks for the tips. These symptoms to watch out for in children are really helpful. My husband was diagnosed with sleep apnea a year or two ago and I have heard that it often runs in families. I am a little bit concerned that our children might have it as well. Now I know more about what to look for.

  5. This is a device my Dad just used to diagnose his sleep disorder which turned out to be Sleep Apnea and he was able to take the home sleep test in the comfort of his own bed!!

    This sleep device was a miracle!

    Just thought it would be great for more people to hear about it!

  6. Sweet blog. I never know what I am going to come across next. I think you should do more posting as you have some pretty intelligent stuff to say.

    I’ll be watching you . 🙂

  7. ThanksThanks for the link! They just had an interesting post up about blue light goggles. They spoke about the affects on the elderly, but I’ve heard talk about using them to treat circadian rhythm disorders. It’s always encouraging to see advances being made, or at least attempted.

  8. This is very helpful especially sleep problems caused by cognitive behavioural factors such as caffeine dependence, altered sleep pattern and stress. hypnosis

  9. I think that this company hit the nail on the head! it is sleep disorder testing AT HOME! In my opinion, results couldn’t be more accurate from a hospital room as it is from my own bedroom. I trust these guys! Check this out and see if it’s right for you! It was right for me! My sleep apnea is now under control and I sleep better than ever!

  10. I was wondering because there’s this time that I was dreaming about drowning, then I woke up realizing I was not breathing at all, I took a deep breathe and it feels like I was literally drowning, was that sleeping apnea? so I am now searching what might the cause of that. great blog by the way. Thanks.

  11. My boyfriend and boss were both dealing with insomnia. The Ormed Institute has a product called Serene and another called Tranquility. Combined, they build seretonin and deepen sleep. Both my boyfriend and boss are sleeping more regularly, now- but it has been a long journey. It has been a struggle for YEARS for both and the frustration and lack of a solution affected me as well. Its scary when you see someone breaking down from no sleep. It turns into hallucinations, on the bad days.
    Anyway…I learned A LOT about insomnia, researched, talked to many people and finally found Ormed Institute, by Dan Kenner. I learned that many sleep disorders are that the seretonin is low (like diabetics without insulin) and you have to build it back up. The hard part is finding a medicine or herb that will build it up, and help you sleep as most sleeping pills deplete the seratonin. The tranquility pills (european herbs) combined with the Serene by Ormed were the answer. Once the tranquility bottle is done, the seretonin should be built back up and you maintain with the Serene…
    Its AMAZING!
    Thought I’d share since it took a lot of time and we must all share knowledge and wealth to help others.

  12. Sleeping disorders is very serious problem if proper treatment is not get it can lead to several other problem and diseases.These site provide important knowledge about what is sleeping disorder and how to cure.

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