How Much of a Difference Does a Good Bed Make?

We’ve been seeing more and more advertisements for mattresses, beds and “sleep systems” in recent months and it has made us wonder, How much of a difference does a good bed make? After doing a bit of research on the different types of beds available, we came up with a few more questions –

What is the difference between each of the different types of beds available?

Are different beds better for certain types of sleep disorders?

How do you know what type of bed is best for you?

Further research turned up some great resources with answers to these questions. If you are thinking about buying a new bed, or just wondering if a new bed could improve your sleep, we suggest cjecking out:

WebMD Article – Can a Mattress Improve Your Health?

This article has some quality information about the different types of beds on the market and how they vary. – Mattress Reviews and Prices

This section of the Epinions website contains independant, community-sourced reviews of a large selection of mattresses. It’s always nice to hear what current owners of a product think – before you buy it yourself.

What’s the Best Mattress

This site may seem gimmicky at first, but they do actually have a decent buying guide and a forums section with advice on buying a mattress.

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