October is SIDS Awareness Month

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as SIDS, is the name for sudden and unexplained death of an infant younger than a one year old. It is estimated that each year over 7,000 babies die from SIDS in the United States It strikes families of all races, ethnic and socioeconomic origins. Determining the cause of SIDS baffles scientist all over the world. Even though we don’t have solid answers yet, doctors have isolated several risk factors that may play a role in SIDS, such as: stress in a normal baby, caused by infection or other factors, a birth defect, failure to develop and or a period of rapid growth when babies are especially vulnerable.

Ways to prevent SIDS:

          Place babies on their back to sleep- this is the safest position for a baby to sleep in, placing them on their stomachs or sides nearly doubles the risk of SIDS.

          Avoid sleeping with your baby in the same bed – even if it’s just a day nap.

          Avoid smoking cigarettes during and after your pregnancy ,  protect your baby from second-hand smoke

          Keep soft objects, toys, and loose bedding out of your baby’s sleeping area- those items could potentially cover your baby’s face and cause suffocation.

          Place your baby on the firm surface, such as safety-approved crib mattress cover with fitted sheet

          Avoid letting your baby overheat during sleep- Dress your baby in light sleep clothing and keep room at a temperature that is comfortable for an adult.

          Make sure that your baby can move arms and legs freely during sleep.

For more information about crib safety visit: http://www.cpsc.gov/

To learn more about SIDS click on the link below:


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4 thoughts on “October is SIDS Awareness Month”

  1. You know, I just wrote an article for a client about baby mattresses and how 72% contain chemicals that are suspected to cause health problems. As I was writing it, I wondered, could it be possible that the toxins are a contributing factor to SIDS? If so, then parents should be mindful which mattresses they allow their babies to sleep on.

    I also write for http://www.qmattresses.com and have found that even adult mattresses contain toxins, so keep in mind that putting baby in bed with you is no safer than their crib mattress when it comes to toxins. It’s all so sad really.

    1. terribly expensive. a0And if you ralley just can’t bring yourself to fork over the money, read this article for a great alternative. This entry was posted in Green Living, Kids and tagged green your

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