Lack of Sleep for Smokers Trying to Quit?

Doctors at the SRI Sleep Research Institute have initiated a new study to ease the transition of smokers looking to quit their addition. Research shows that half the people who try to quit smoking do not succeed and it may have much of that has to do with a lack of sleep. Among the side effects of quitting is lack of enough sleep which can lead to various difficulties. Dr. Ian Colrain, Ph.D. believes that “Being tired and grumpy the next day. Your performance goes down. Your moods go bad. And you know how to fix tired and grumpy? You go back to smoking.” See full article

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One thought on “Lack of Sleep for Smokers Trying to Quit?”

  1. hey – that’s me in the article. Debra – not Deborah though- but it’s been now over one year since that “first three weeks”. Still think about smoking every single day……. and what is worse is dreaming about smoking when I sleep! Can’t get away form it!!

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