Get some sleep!

It is important to get enough sleep! Lack of sufficient sleep can lead to reduced memory, focus, concentration and reaction time

According to this article “About 40 percent of Americans say they get fewer than seven hours of sleep on weekdays, and most — 71 percent — get fewer than eight hours of sleep, according to a 2005 survey by the National Sleep Foundation”

Eve Van Cauter, a professor of medicine at the University of Chicago, published a study in 1999, that involved 11 healthy young males sleeping only four hours a day; after 6 days the subjects where in a pre-diabetic state.

So, make sure you get enough sleep! Go to bed early If you need to wake up early.

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2 thoughts on “Get some sleep!”

  1. By the way, can I suggest a new character?

    I’d like “Toby the helpful roommate” to wake me up. (Humbly named in my honor of course.)

    Concept: Who hasn’t had their roommate wake them up when they realize you should have been in class 10 minutes ago?

    “Hey buddy, it’s time to get up. Dude, you have a busy day today! Come on, get up =].”

    Heck, send me a script and I’ll record it. I’d be honored to wake people up every day.

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