What is the Secret to Sleeping More, Living Longer, and Performing Better?



Eric Barker, author of the other greatest blog on the internet, Barking Up The Wrong Tree, has a great post about Naps. Eric doesn’t write about sleep exclusively, but he has covered sleep-related topics in the past (again, and again).

In this most recent post, Eric reminds us about the importance of getting enough sleep:

Lack of sleep not only makes you ugly and sick, it also makes you dumb … And if that’s not enough, lack of sleep contributes to an early death.

If you are like most working adults, you probably know that you are supposed to get more sleep than you do now, but do you know how much more?

Eight hours might not even be enough. Give people 10 hours and they perform even better.

Wait – so, most of us can’t even manage to sleep eight hours per night, but now you’re saying we should be sleeping ten hours per night!?

This is where the napping comes in, because:

Naps can boost performance and help make up for some of the problems sleep deprivation can cause.

Eric also reminds us that:

  • naps boost learning
  • naps make you happier
  • naps increase performance

That’s not all. We’ve posted before about how taking a nap at work can make you healthier and more productive and napping during the day can benefit children’s vocabulary.

Continue reading the full post at Barking Up the Wrong Tree to discover:

  • How to choose the perfect nap for you
  • When is the best time to nap
  • What to do when you have trouble falling asleep

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