Sleep Talking

The medical term for this phenomenon is “somniloquy”. It occurs when you talk aloud during sleep. Many people report having experienced sleep talking in their lives. It appears that sleep talking runs in the family and it is reported that it affects as many as 50% of children and 5% of adults. Although Sleep talking is a harmless condition, it is sometimes associated with other sleep disorders such as:

• Sleep terrors,
• Sleepwalking
• Sleep related eating disorder (SRED)
• REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD)

There are many different cases of sleep talking some range just from a simple word to mumbling sentences that may be difficult to understand and finally to emotional and sometimes even funny speeches. One case in particular drew my attention: The Sleep Talking Man.  Adam Lennard had become an internet sensation after his wife Karen began to record and blog about her “mid-manner husband’s” nightly musings.

Karen’s account of her husband’s sleep talking is described in this article in the Telegraph:

Are you a noisy napper?  Or maybe you heard someone else say something interesting or funny while asleep? Leave us a comment.

By Agnieszka.

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