Product Review – CleanRest Mattress and Pillow Cover

This is the first in what we hope will become a series of product reviews here on the Snoozester Sleep Blog. Over the past month, we’ve had a chance to get a feel for CleanRest’s line of mattress and pillow covers. CleanRest’s products are designed to “Protect your Sleep ™” by shielding you from the dust mites, allergens and microscopic toxins that take up residence in your bed (actually your mattress, box spring, pillows and comforter).

CleanRest’s products utilize a proprietary, patented fabric known as Micron One to create a barrier between you and your bedding. The key is, as you may have figured from the name, that the pores in the fabric are only one micron (read: very, very, very small). For a series of reasons that are beyond the scope of this review, this has the effect of preventing the evil-nasties from getting cozy in your napping nook.

This much you could have gathered from the CleanRest website, so on to our review…

We don’t have the scientific know-how or the equipment to prove whether or not CleanRest’s products are as effective at protecting you from dust mites, micro-toxins and allergens as they claim, so we decided to focus on the overall CleanRest experience. To start, the product packaging was very good, similar to the packaging used for other bedding products like sheets and pillow cases. One concern I have with purchasing high-tech, synthetic fabrics, especially ones I’m going to wear or sleep on, is – do they have a weird petrol-like smell? In the case of the CleanRest products we received, thankfully, no.

On to “installation” – if you can put a pillow case on your pillow, you can “install” the CleanRest system on your bed. We didn’t test the mattress cover on an exceptionally thick / deep mattress (15″+), but it doesn’t seem like many mattresses would be too big to fit (if you are considering buying for your bed, and you have trouble buying fitted sheets, you may want to call ahead and confirm).

So now that we’ve got our CleanRest mattress and pillow covers installed, how do they feel? Well, for starters, they are designed to go underneath your linens, so you aren’t in direct contact with the MicronOne material. The addition of the CleanRest products to our test bed (get it? ha ha!) did not seem to have any noticeable impact on in-bed temperature (as someone who is always too hot, this was one of my primary concerns). We did, however, notice that the MicronOne fabric can be kind of noisy (in a swishy, pantlegs-of-a-jumpsuit-rubbing-together kind of way). This may bother some more than others. The MicronOne fabric is less “plasticy” than plastic, but we’re not talking about 1200TC Egyptian cotton here; the best description for the texture of the fabric would be something like a high-end hotel shower curtain liner – part fabric, part plastic.

All-in-all, the addition of the CleanRest system had a fairly small impact on the comfort of our test bed (aside from the potential, but hard-to-measure benefit of the reduction in microscopic bed pirates), since we like our bed the way it is, that’s a good thing. That brings up another point – do you really need an allergen / micro-toxin / dust mite barrier in your bed? Well, maybe… If you suffer from allergies to allergens, micro-toxins or dust mites that live in your bed, then yes. If not, then probably not.

The Wall Street Journal published an article several years ago debating this very point as it applies to products that claim to protect you from dust mites.

In conclusion, the CleanRest system seems to be a great solution for all those who are allergic to, irritated by or paranoid about the allergens, dust mites and micro-toxins living in their beds. At about $320 – $510 (depending on the size of your bed) for a complete set that will cover your bed, it may not be worth the money for the rest of us.

3.5 stars out of 5 stars (stars subtracted for mild noisyness, high cost and debatable necessity)

The Sleep Blog does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Instead, this website provides general information for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of a qualified health care provider if you have questions or concerns regarding any medical condition or treatment.

18 thoughts on “Product Review – CleanRest Mattress and Pillow Cover”

  1. While I’ve not tried this particular product, similar microporous barrier type sheets have been noisy, uncomfortable and ‘sweaty’.

    As an asthmatic with an allergy to dust mites I prefer to get my mattress, pillows and duvets professionally cleaned every 6 months. This is cost effective and really gives me a good nights sleep.

  2. Great review. I have mild allergies and my doctor recently recommended that I try this new Clean Rest product. So I went to Bed Bath & Beyond to get it, and just to be doubly sure this one is best, asked the sales associate which one he recommended. He said Clean Rest is the only encasement that actually works, and only one certified by doctors. I have been using these mattress and pillow covers for about 2 months, and have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of my sleep and nighttime breathing. I no longer wake up congested or with headaches. Clean Rest is a great product — it really works.

  3. For the price it seems like overkill?

    For the most part you can take any down or down alternative bedding product and wash it once a week and most allergens and issues will be mitigated. Down proof fabric is woven pretty tight – and will only shrink and get tighter over time and washings.

    For most consumers I’d recommend some good down bedding versus the garbage bed ina bag stuff you see everywhere – its stiff, not tightly woven and may ‘dress’ your bed – but I would not sleep with it.


  4. I was on the lookout for a better dust mite cover for my mattress. This new technology caught my eye. With previous mattress covers, after a while, and after laundering, the two layers separate, so I was delighted to find a one-layer mattress cover. I think some of the other reviewers didn’t actually sleep on the treated bed.

    Dust mite mattress covers make a HUGE difference to allergy sufferers. As the main article mentioned, it is kind of swishy noisy, but that’s a minor inconvenience. It is breathable, so you don’t end up sweaty after sleeping on it. But the most amazing part is that it is so slippery that the sheets fall off all the time and don’t stay on the bed. These are the fitted bottom sheets that slide off.

    I think I’ll leave it on the bed, but get another dust mite cover made of tightly woven cotton to go over it, and then I’ll put the bed sheets on top of that. I figure that will keep the allergens at bay and allow the sheets to stay on all night long as well.

  5. Yes, you really need protection against micro organisms. If you do not have a habit of cleaning your mattress, it can get moldy and itchy as time passes by. There is a good anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and mold-resistant alternative mattress though and that is the latex mattress(i am sure you have heard of it). Because of its materials, micro organisms are less likely to take up residence in it. It is also a lot more skin-friendly because of its hypoallergenic materials.

  6. Yeah, it’s really important to have mattress not only feels comfortable but also protects from micro organisms or bed bugs. The price of this mattress is a bit expensive but you get your money’s worth having it.

  7. Thanks to the author for the article!

    For example, I’d like to tell about my feelings after buying a normal mattress and a bed, I’ve begun to feel great, I just can’t find a word. I do not have a back pain anymore. My wife also likes it. About any bugs, spiders and bugs – here I can only say that it’s a normal mattress. Incidentally this is one of the options I have such a mattress and a bed.

    Well, thanks very much for all those people who create things like this!

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  9. I bought cleanrest for my bed. One thing it claims is that it is water resistant. I have read some people’s articles that said it was, however when I spilled some water on my bed it went through the cleanrest and onto the mattress.

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