Maintaining the Quality of Sleep as We Age

All of us, young and old, need our 8 hours.  Although we experience natural changes to our sleep cycle as we age, studies show that the amount of time our bodies need to sleep remains constant throughout adulthood. But we don’t always get the sleep we require. RLS, sleep apnea, insomnia, heart problems, psychiatric problems, and other medical conditions increase as we get older causing disturbance in sleep. It is important for us to understand why these changes occur and how we can deal with them so that they don’t hinder our ability to get a good night’s sleep .To learn more about these changes and ways to improve sleep quality check out :

by Agnieszka

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3 thoughts on “Maintaining the Quality of Sleep as We Age”

  1. Thanks for sharing the link. When we get older, we will experience a lot of changes in our body because all our cells aged as well. This leads to conditions affecting our general health like sleep problems.

  2. offers audio tracks to help people sleep more soundly throughout the night (without waking up!). The idea is that the tracks relax the mind and body of a listener to a point where they can fall asleep with a more calm state of mind than they would usually have. This allows a better quality of sleep. Visit the website for samples, testimonials, and to see if it could benefit you or someone you know.

  3. I suffer from sleep apnea, and regardless of what the doctors have done for me, I definately don’t get a good rest most nights. I am always looking for new ideas to get a good night sleep, so I will deffinately check out that site.

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