Launch of Reminder Calls

We’re back… and we bring good tidings along with some exciting news.

After over a month of very little activity on this blog, we are pleased to announce the official launch of the Snoozester Reminder Call service.  A Snoozester Reminder Call is a telephone call that helps you remember scheduled appointment or event. You can schedule a Snoozester Reminder Call online, and then receive your reminder call on your home phone or mobile phone. When you schedule a reminder call, you will be prompted to type in a short text message, such as “Term paper due by midnight” or “Dentist appointment tomorrow at 8:00.” When you receive your Snoozester Reminder Call, the message will be played back to you over the telephone.

Read more about the service on the Reminder Calls website, or check out the official press release announcing the new service.

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