Insomnia Revealed.

 What is insomnia?

Insomnia generally refers to trouble falling and staying asleep. As a medical term, insomnia is defined as any sleep-related disorder, such as difficulty of falling asleep and/or staying asleep. It is worth mentioning that insomnia can have various forms- from occasional, lasting only few days to chronic (which may last months).


The two main symptoms of insomnia are involuntary shortening of sleep and being unable to sleep despite feeling fatigue.


Insomnia affects different people for different reasons. The most common causes are:  psychiatric disorders such as depression, anxiety and stress. Other causes of insomnia include poor diet and leading an unhealthy lifestyle; people who drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages or eat late at night are more likely to suffer from insomnia. People who have a disturbed circadian rhythms due to working late night shifts or going to bed at varied times each night are more at risk of experiencing insomnia.


Effective treatment of insomnia should be based on eliminating the primary cause based of the insomnia (somatic or mental disorders). There is range of treatments/methods for relief of symptoms of insomnia. A systematic treatment must be provided to regulate circadian rhythms, the elimination of stimulants (such as coffee and alcohol) and proper diet. In many cases, patients have improved their condition by practicing relaxation techniques.

In the most difficult cases, pharmacological treatment is used to fight insomnia. Sleep medications should not be abused – their use should take place for limited time and always under medical supervision.


Many people underestimate the dangers of insomnia. While in case of occasional insomnia there is not much reason to be concerned, chronic insomnia can lead to weakening of the immune system and disorders of the nervous system. Remember that our bodies need sleep to function properly. Fatigue, impaired memory, concentration and bad mood are just the first effects of insomnia.



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  1. Hey great blog post thanks, I have been looking for resources on sleeping problems for ages as I suffer quite badly from a lack of sleep and I am unsure whether it is insomnia or something more physical like the bed itself. So thanks.

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