Insomnia. More Likely in Women?

Yes! According to a study on the sleeping habits of more than 2,000 women (age 18-64) by the National Sleep foundation, almost two-thirds of the subjects had 1-3 disrupted nights per week and almost 70% said they frequently experience a sleep problem. Only 52% of men suffer insomnia a few nights a week or more. Dr Meir Kryger, the founder of American Academy of Sleep Medicine, claims that sleep problems in women go undiagnosed:  “Unfortunately, too often it is women whose sleep disorders are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed because of a lack of education among doctors about these unique problems. This failure by doctors to correctly diagnose female sleeplessness is meaning sufferers are putting their health at risk while contributing to dramatic rises in obesity and diabetes.”

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5 thoughts on “Insomnia. More Likely in Women?”

  1. Well said. Most don’t understand how serious Insomnia can be and the health risks associated with chronic insomnia. Maybe doctors should be educated more thoroughly about Insomnia or just take look more closely at the symptoms. It is a real problem!

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