Got Bad Memory? Take a Nap!

According to this article in Bangkok Post, just a few minutes of sleep can improve your memory and mental performance. Dr. Olaf Lahl at the University of Dusseldorf (Germany) conducted an experiment in which volunteers were asked to remember a list of 30 words. Then, the volunteers played solitaire for one hour. During the one hour period, some of the volunteers were allowed to take a 6 minute nap, while others were asked to stay awake. The experiment found that subjects who took a brief nap displayed “superior recall” when compared to subjects that stayed awake.

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7 thoughts on “Got Bad Memory? Take a Nap!”

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    First, ask yourself why you need to have a nap during the day. Are you excessively sleepy, despite spending enough time in bed? Do you have disrupted sleep at night? How often do you nap (after Sunday lunch, once a week, or regularly during the week and at different times?)

    If you do have to have a nap, don’t sleep for longer than an hour, as this will affect your level of sleepiness in the evening, and don’t nap after 3pm in the afternoon. If you are napping because you find it really hard to keep awake, including at work or while driving, you must discuss this with your doctor.

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  2. I think this is an interesting article and I wish I could take a 6 minute nap 🙂

    I wonder if companies will make ‘nap zones’ more accessible in the workplace.


  3. Dear Sir,
    can you please give me a full description about a nap and its benefits.

    Warm Regards,
    Azadkhan Niaz

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  5. hey…..its a well written article.i like it very much.i think so 5 minutes nap is sufficient for good health because little bit nap gives energy so you feel fresh and we can do work with happiness so after the nap memory and sleep mind can fully charged so its has more benefits so i would like to say thanks to u to give this great i would appreciate to your efforts.

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