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If you are like me, and many others, you may find it difficult to maintain a good, sound sleep when there is too much ambient light in the room. This can be especially problematic in rooms that have windows facing parking lots, main streets or other well-lit areas. In addition, those people that have work or other schedules that require sleeping during daylight hours may find it difficult to stay asleep when there is so much light coming in the room.

Can't sleep - Too much light

Fortunately, there are some products on the market that can help. When we had our custom curtains made for the entire house, we had the fabricator using an extra thick insulating panel in our bedroom curtains to help block the excess light when the curtains are closed.

For those who are not planning to purchase custom curtains, or frequent travelers that stay in bright hotel rooms, Blackout Curtain ToGo has a solution for you. You can order their affordable curtains direct, from their website. Here is some additional information about their product-line:

Blackout Curatin

Blackout Curtain ToGo© AKA Blackout ToGo© is a unique sleep assistant that all light sensitive travelers should take with them.

Blackout ToGo© is a kit of multiple sized Blackout Curtains that block light from LED lamps, alarm clocks, any electronic device that emits light when off and light from outside your room.

Blackout ToGo© will take a light polluted hotel room or home environment and in a few minutes convert it into a darkened room that is easy to fall asleep in.

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8 thoughts on “Cool Product – Blackout Curtain”

  1. That’s really cool. I could use one of those at my house. One of our bedrooms has a window treatment that’s really just a valance (I think I used that word properly) and doesn’t block out the sun at all. This would come in handy.

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  3. Recent studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between blue light at night and insomnia. Some studies have even shown that nighttime exposure to light is so detrimental it may contribute to the development of certain cancers especially breast cancer. ( Simply put , blue light exposed to the eye reaches pineal gland within the brain prior to sleep and in turn, suppresses the body’s natural melatonin production. Today’s epidemic level of insomnia and other maladies certainly is understandable because melatonin is known as the sleep hormone and is also a major cancer-fighting antioxidant.
    Blue light is everywhere. Incandescent light bulbs, compact-fluorescents lamps, televisions, PCs, smart-phones and iEverythings each bombard us with blue light. Fortunately there are simple ways it can be eliminated. Sleep glasses and no-blue light bulbs along with filters for electronic devices can block this hazardous nighttime light. In reality, blocking blue light creates a virtual darkness which allows the body to produce melatonin normally. One internet company that carries these innovative products is
    It’s pretty darn easy, folks. Block blue light, sleep better and possibly even prevent cancer. In this day and age when pharmaceuticals seem to be The Answer, it’s good to know that blocking blue light exposure before sleep is a simple remedy in the ongoing struggle against insomnia.

  4. Sleep can meet in dark environment that could be hard if light enter directly in room. Then light can control through dark curtain which can be customized with finest design pattern so you can get sweet sleeping night as well as decoration throughout room.

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