60 Minutes Segment About Sleep

Last night, CBS ran a segment on 60 Minutes called The Science of Sleep.
They covered some of topics that we have previously blogged about such as: Lack of sleep and risk of cardiovascular disease, Sleep contributing to better memory , and more. Pretty interesting segment – worth a watch!

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11 thoughts on “60 Minutes Segment About Sleep”

  1. I use a product that really helped me after 15 years of insomnia. It’s all natural and well worth the money. This website advertises several products; I have no idea how effective the other product’s are but the one they call PM has really been a Godsend to me.

  2. What I have learned is that sleeping patterns are like bad habits, the more you work at breaking them the more they become natural. I’ve gone years without sleeping much, and as a new years resolution I am committed to getting more sleep. I fall off plenty, but am able to get right back on track with good habits. I definitely feel great when I sleep a good nights sleep too. Check out my blog if you want to follow along as I make progress.

  3. Hi, I used to dream I was dieing or something because my brain never got enough oxygen at night due to sleep apnea. But I recently had laser surgery and now I can’t sleep just due to stress and stuff like that. I’m blogging to talk to others to see what’s up too. Yesterday I found an awesome blog site for living longer and sleeping better:


    it’s great I feel little better, thanks!

  4. I remember a while ago one of the larger networks ran a story on sleep deprivation and how the symptoms were nearly identical to being drunk. It’s amazing to think how much being deprived of sleep can effect a person.

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