Which Mattress Will Help You Sleep at Night? (Guest Post)

When it comes to shopping for a new mattress, all the different types that are available to choose from can be quite overwhelming. Of course, each manufacturer will claim that theirs will give you the best night’s rest you have ever had. But with such a large investment and something that you will spend a large portion of your life on, you want to be sure to get it right. This article explains each type of mattress available along with the pros and cons of each. So stop losing sleep over your next mattress purchase and read on.

The first thing you need to know about mattresses is that there are three types of mattress construction: innerspring, memory foam, and latex foam. Each has different support properties, lifespan, price point, and maintenance required.


This is the standard, tried-and-true mattress construction. The main mattress support is provided by metal springs that are contained inside the mattress. These springs spread your weight over the surface of the mattress to provide support. There are many variations of spring design and firmnesses but they all use this same basic principal. A properly cared for quality innerspring mattress should last between seven and ten years


Least expensive mattress option

Many brands and constructions to choose from

Lightest type of mattress

A memory foam pad can be added to get the feel of a more expensive memory foam mattress


May require periodic rotation and/or flipping

Coils may break or poke through the mattress as it ages

Mattress may begin to sag in the middle or wear unevenly as it ages

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a high-density visco-elastic polyurethane foam that was developed by NASA as a cushioning material. Memory foam gets its name from its ability to mold to pressure applied to it and then return to its original form once the pressure is removed. The foam responds to body heat by giving way to cradle the sleeper’s body. A properly cared for memory foam mattress should last between ten and twenty years.


Conforms to body shape to provide support

Lasts up to twenty years

More resistant to bed bugs and dust mites that innerspring mattresses

Reduced motion transfer across the mattress


Expensive compared to innerspring mattresses

Holds heat and may make the sleeper uncomfortably hot

Eventually loses some spring-back as it becomes compressed over time

Mattresses are very heavy

May give off an odor when new

Latex Foam

Latex foam mattresses use a latex foam core for support. Latex foam is created by whipping latex with air to create a open cell foam that is durable and supportive. There are two latex foam manufacturing processes: Dunlop and Talalay. Dunlop is the older process and features a firmer support with increasing rigidity from top to bottom. Talalay is the newest process, which is slightly softer, more durable, has an even consistency throughout, and is more expensive than Dunlop mattresses. A properly cared for latex foam mattress will last between ten and twenty years.


Up to three times more durable than memory foam

Open cell construction allows airflow and prevents heat build up

Dust mite resistant, hypoallergenic, and naturally mold and mildew proof


Latex foam mattresses are the most expensive option

Mattresses are very heavy

Less conforming than memory foam mattresses

May give off an odor when new


So keep all this in mind when deciding which type of mattress is right for you and your budget. The best way to determine the best mattress for you is to test it out. Also, many retailers will let you return a mattress after several weeks if you end up not liking it. So shop with confidence and you will be sleeping better before you know it.

This is a guest post written by Michelle Gordon:

Bio: +Michelle Gordon is a sleep expert who researches and writes about sleep, and is an online publisher for Latexmattress.org

The Sleep Blog does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Instead, this website provides general information for educational purposes only. Always seek the advice of a qualified health care provider if you have questions or concerns regarding any medical condition or treatment.

32 thoughts on “Which Mattress Will Help You Sleep at Night? (Guest Post)”

  1. This is a great article Michelle and I really liked your ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ about each mattress because they are nice and easy to digest.

    Although a con with latex mattress is their price, I think they are truly worth the cost.

    I think the only key mattress type you are missing from your article are pocket sprung mattresses as these are a great alternative to memory foam mattresses and provide similar benefits, without the added discomfort of overheating at night,

    I have written my own guide to buying your dream mattress which includes information about pocket sprung mattresses, let me know what you think.

    1. yes, but my tempurpedic meomry foam mattress did not get softTempur-Pedic mattresses were the first to use viscoelastic material while making a mattress. It solely makes meomry foam mattresses and is the market leader. Its products are regarded as the benchmark, so that every producer compares their meomry foam mattress with Tempur-Pedic. So, is the Tempur-Pedic the excellent meomry foam mattress available? Opinions differ; while some attest their lifetime of backache disappeared after they slept on one, others state the mattress that wilts after just some time. Moreover the meomry foam sold by Tempur-Pedic is a lot firmer than its rivals.

  2. Hello all!!
    Really nice read..

    I would like to add few line over here that be careful while choosing the one for you especially while selecting the cheap Memory foam Mattress available within the market..

    However, i would rather say that some reputed companies as well offer you best quality Dormeo mattress at a discounted prices just to fit their products into your budget.

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  8. I think latex and memory foam mattress are better than innerspring mattress. They are more comfortable and performs better on motion isolation.

    The only disadvantage would be it’s not as bouncy as innerspring.

    And personally I like organic latex better, even through it’s more expensive.

  9. Thank you for your well-researched post. If anyone is having issues getting a good night’s sleep or is having body aches due to sleeping on the wrong mattress, then I would like to recommend LuxiSleep.com/pages/10-benefits-of-a-memory-foam-mattress. Their memory foam mattress will give you the best quality sleep every night.

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