About the Snoozester Sleep Blog

We started the Snoozester Sleep Blog in August, 2006 as a place to discuss all things sleep-related. We are not doctors, sleep specialists or even professional writers; we run Snoozester, a web-based notifications service.

One of Snoozester’s popular features is the Snoozester Wake Up Call Service. Since we launched the Wake Up Call Service, we have received a great deal of positive feedback from users who, for a variety of reasons, have trouble waking up in the morning with an alarm clock. The personal stories that these users shared with us – stories about frequently staying up too late and children with serious sleep-related ailments – inspired us to create a blog dedicated to sleep-related topics.

In the first year after we started the sleep blog, we wrote about 50 posts. These posts covered various topics such as sleep studies and sleep-affecting medical conditions as well as air-conditioned pillows and a review of a mattress cover. Since we are not sleep experts ourselves, we scour the web for timely information that we believe our readers will find useful or at least informative. We then write a short summary of the information we come across and provide a link to the source.

We hope you enjoy the sleep blog and we ask you to share your comments about our posts with your fellow Snoozester Sleep Blog readers. Thanks for reading!