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September 2006

Another Great Resource – Steve Pavlina’s Blog

Beautiful woman lying and sleep on the snowy bed

For those of you interested in self-improvement, check out Steve Pavlina's blog, "Personal Development for Smart People." Steve's blog has some interesting and useful tips to make you more effective. We've linked to Steve before, a few of his posts relate to sleeping patterns and waking up on time: How to Become an Early Riser [...]

Are your kids getting enough sleep?


Family Circle magazine recently ran a story, "School Daze," that touts the benefits of children and teenagers getting enough sleep. The article discusses common reasons kids don't get enough sleep, how to tell if your kids are getting enough sleep and an interesting strategy that has enabled kids to get more sleep. Is "enough MySpace [...]


Do you have a friend who has trouble waking up on time? Is someone you know always late for class? Have a colleague that frequently misses morning meetings? Now you can send them a Snoozester gift certificate. With the holiday season just around the corner, Snoozester gift certificates might just be the perfect gift for [...]